Rachel Murphy is a character in Discofurby's stories and in the Holiday House edition of Supersized Family. She also has a stutter and shares Mayzie's fear of bees.

Appearance Edit

She is tubby with short, ginger hair, a blue hat and a grey skirt. She has fair skin and brown eyes.

Role Edit

She is a librarian (like Rose) and often visits the Ferrises. She sings carols several times in the game. She lives next door to the Ferrises, with her daughter Nyra, her husband Stan and their pet cat Minky.

Personality Edit

Her interests include aliens, sculpting and crystal balls. She likes reading about magic. She's afraid of bees, but not enough for it to be a psychological disorder. She's a bit timid, like her daughter and enjoys date pudding.

Relationships. Edit

Quotes Edit

"Good tidings to you and a merry Christmas too"-her Christmas song, along with Mayzie and Daniel.

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