Hey guys!, so i created this page because i am a hardcore Raia shipper, so if you're a raia shipper as well, you can come to this page and talk about how much you love Raia! :D, and you can also ship them as friends :P   ~Swiftie Swift!

Raia's Shippers :)Edit

  • Yay!!501(I ship them as friends :-D)
  • Madi (I guess XD They're ROSSOME together!
  • Veronica (They're cute but Ross is still mine xD)
  • Corey :P (I ship them as friends) :D
  • Esther ( I ship them friend way :D)
  • Auslly12 ( they're soo cute together<3 RAIA!!)
  • KLA (Ship them as Friends. :D)
  • Maddie (BlazingWater) (Ship them together)
  • Violet (I gone cray....I SHIP RAIA :D)
  • Scream (As friends)
  • Forever (RAIA FOREVER!!!!  <3)
  • Marley (RAIA <3)
  • Ashlynn (SO ADORABLE!) <3 
  • Elizabeth (sweetcupcakes12) (Raia forever! <3)
  • Hellome098 ( I ship them as friends)
  • Tegan (I ship them as friends :D )
  • Lucy (I ship them as buddies 8D)
  • Chloe (love them!)
  • Melody :) 
  • Elle <3 (RAIA FOREVER)

Their relationshipEdit

Raia is the real life friendship paring of Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell, Their really really close friends, they hang out a lot, they do activities together like going to the movies, going to the beach together, and going to Teen Beach Movie events, and Ross said in an interview that they trust each other, and they're really really close friends, and they're really easy to talk to each other and they even presented an award in the Teen Choice Awards! so they have an excellent relationship!


Raia Videos <3Edit

❤ Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell ❤ Stereo Hearts ❤01:29

❤ Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell ❤ Stereo Hearts ❤








Rossica !!!

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