"Rain Falls" is a Sesame Street song about rain. One verse talks about how rain makes everything clean and helps things grow. The other verse talks about people getting soaked and trucks splashing mud everywhere, making everyone grumble. Both verses conclude that "It's kinda nice when rain falls."

In the album releases of the song, Bob's vocals are removed and Oscar monologues about the rain over the instrumental.
Sesame Street - Rain Falls

Sesame Street - Rain Falls

Lyrics Edit

Oscar: Rain falls. Puddles on the street. No-one can go out and play.

Rain falls. People soaked from head to feet. Gee, I like a rainy day.

Trucks roll by, splashing mud on everyone. You can't stay dry and you can't have any fun.

And since when rain falls, it's really sort of neat to hear everybody grumble and complain.

When rain falls.

It's kinda nice when rain falls.

Coming down.

Messing up everybody.

Making Sesame Street yucky.

Boy, I love that rain.

Bob: Rain falls softly on the ground, helping all the flowers grow.

Rain falls, pretty raindrops all around.

Helping rivers start to flow.

Streets get clean before the rain is done.

And grass is green, while you're waiting for the sun.

And then, when rain falls, it's fun to listen to the sound.

Watch the drops roll down your windowpane.

When rain falls.

It's kinda nice when falls.

When rain falls.

It's raining.

Trivia Edit

  • Bob doesn't seem to mind the rain in this song, however, he did mind it in The Rain Song. However, in both songs, he appreciates the agricultural importance of rain.
  • Actually, playing in the rain is acceptable on Sesame Street, as evidenced in the episode Natasha is Scared of the Rain.