So I'm here making edits, and I realize that we have a Ross Lynch page, a Laura Marano page, and a Calum Worthy page, but we don't have a Raini Rodriguez page! They're all members of our favorite show, Austin & Ally, so why not give her a page? :D 


Put your name here if you're a fan of Raini! :D 

  • Melody (She's so talented!!! :D)
  • Swiftie (She's hilarious! xD :D)
  • Corey (:
  • KLA (She's awesome! :D)
  • Madi
  • Air - Beautiful <3
  • Auslly12 (Love Raini)
  • Chloe =]
  • Marg (She’s beautiful and funny!)

About RainiEdit

Raini Rodriguez is an American singer and actress who is best known for her role as Trish in Austin & Ally. She is 21 years old, born on July 1st, 1993. 

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