Ricky is Mushroom and Jack's pet Acara ( who lives with his twenty-nine flatmates (also neopets) who hatched out of eggs that formed when Mushroom accidentally made a portal. He is a blue acara.

Ricky, like all the neopets, is very friendly and wouldn't dream of hurting anyone.

He also likes to swim, dive from the diving board shouting "Geronimo!", and can swim underwater, due to being an Acara.

He is a daredevil, and is almost fearless, which causes him to do nearly everything first, he hatched first, learned to walk first, ate solid food first, and talked first.

He is also an eager learner.

Daisy once commented that when he is bored, he has ways of getting what he wants.

Ricky is very energetic and generally happy unless something is making him sad or he is hungry or bored.

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