Royally Rebellious is a book series by Luke Hummel


Series OneEdit

  1. A True Heart - C.A. Cupid casts a love spell on her crush Dexter, causing her to lose her powers and be determined to destroy romance forever.
  2. The Storybook of Urban Legends - Kitty Cheschire writes in the Story Book of Legends, causing dangerous urban legends to spread through Ever After High.
  3. A Stereotypical Geek - TBA
  4. Destined to Die - There's a new guy in town who thinks everything was going fine... Until he discovered he was destined to die!
  5. Royally Rebellious - Madeline Hatter says that if you don't take the pledge, your story will continue. What does this mean for the Royals?
  6. Extra: Fan Suggestions #1 - Several stories suggested by fans.

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