I knooow, she already has a little spot in R5's Family, but I've felt a lot of love for her lately, so I just HAD to give her a page!


A Little BioEdit

Rydel Mary Lynch is the keyboardist for American pop-rock band, R5. She is currently 20 years old (born August 9, 1993), and the second oldest Lynch. She is the only girl in the band.

AND NOW FOR SOME FACTS! Some of these are in the gallery.

  • Her favorite color is pink
  • She does the editing for R5 TV
  • She sang 2 original R5 songs-"Never" and "Love Me Like That." She also had a few lines in "Look at Us Now" and covered "I Feel like Dancing," "Shut Up and Let Me Go," and "Pour Some Sugar on Me."
  • Her favorite perfume is Pink Sugar
  • She likes shopping at Sidecca
  • She was in Sunday School Music, School Gyrls, and a Sears commercial
  • Her favorite movie is Ever After
  • Her favorite sport is football
  • She has lots of bracelets
  • She's the 'giggly one'
  • Her comfort food is peanut butter balls (She makes them!)
  • She likes Harry Styles and Chris Hemsworth
  • She has never had a boyfriend

Yeah...I might add more later XD


  • Madi (SHE IS AO AMAZING <3)
  • Forever (OMFG SHE'S PERF <3 <3 <3 <3)
  • KLA (She is amazing! I lose alot of self esteem... ;__;)
  • Scream (I ♥ her! ☺☺☺)
  • Corey <3
  • Swiftie (She's beautiful and insanely talented! :D Go Rydel! :P :D <3)
  • Auslly12 (No words can describe how AWESOME she is!!! <3)


NOTE: This section is under extreme construction. I plan on adding some, but if you could add some, that would be great! You can add any video related to Rydel, but the things I can think of are:

  • Rydel birthday videos
  • R5 TVs, especially ones where Rydel has a big role or she's in it a lot
  • Songs Rydel sings, if I missed any, cover or original

Thank you!


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