Ryley is the Glee Pairing of Marley and Ryder, they are very adorable. 
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Ryley Team (Shippers) Edit

Marley! (Captain)


Corey <3 <3

Forever <3

Melody (They seem cute! <3)

Reasons To Ship Ryley:Edit

  1. Ryder makes Marley feel good about herself.
  1. Ryder managed to make Marley laugh even though she was deeply upset.
  2. Ryder gave Marley the confidence to overcome Kitty's harsh words and perform an amazing show..
  3. Ryder defended Marley when Kitty was being mean to her.
  4. Ryder is presumably Marley's "first kiss."
  5. Ryder wanted to kiss Marley not only on stage but off of stage.
  6. They played the perfect Danny and Sandy in the school production of Grease.
  7. Ryder helped Marley with her body issues, persuading her she should not do it.
  8. Ryder said Marley looked and sounded amazing.
  9. They dance and sing well together.
  10. Ryder loves Marley's mom; she always gives his extra meatballs.
  11. They have amazing chemistry.
  12. Ryder is the one who came up with all of Jake's gift ideas for Marley, even though they are not dating.
  13. Ryder notices all the little things that Marley likes, that Jake doesn't. (Favorite song, movie, flower, presents, etc)
  14. Marley kissed Ryder back even though she claims to be in love with Jake.
  15. Marley had fantasies of kissing Ryder instead if Jake, while Jake was singing to her.
  16. Ryder has always stayed faithful to her, even though she dated Jake, he always loved her.
  17. Apoligized to Marley, Jake, and Unique, proves Ryder is a good person.
  18. During the shooting Ryder poteintally risked his life to sit beside Marley.
  19. Marley comforts Ryder.
  20. Ryder still seems to have feelings for Marley after Marley revealed she was Katie (even though she wasnt)
  21. Marley was the only one to look concern when Ryder stated he would quit glee club after regionals.

(Stolen from the Glee Wikia) 

Gallery Edit

Videos! Edit

Glee - Marley Ryder = Ryley (Love Story)03:51

Glee - Marley Ryder = Ryley (Love Story)

Marley Ryder it was for real..00:49

Marley Ryder it was for real...

R M Falling in love with you01:14

R M Falling in love with you

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