Stay Positive Song Mix

Stay Positive Song Mix


So I know a lot of you have mixed feelings and what not. But it's time to walk up in the morning and say "Stay positive and today will be a great day." It's not others who bring you down, it's yourself. You determinate whether you are happy, sad, mad or nervous.if u ever fell that today was tiring and i hate today then think of something weird or funny like the name of ross lynch in austin and ally -austin monica moon hahaha or snails  are as fast as chetahs or remind of the past or at school it dosent matter how freacking stuid the day was just remember to stay positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make a changeEdit


Never let someone tell you you can't. Cause in reality you can!

Spread the word tell people to stay positive. You can make a difference. Laugh, smile. Do whatever to make someone smile. Just to make 1 person smile or laugh is like meeting Ross Lynch. Best feeling in the world. (Even though i've never met him i am just trying to prove a point.)if  it was the worst day of someone at least tell something that the person likes or loves such as chocolates