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Hey guys! Will sometime I write songs so I decided to make this page for
them! I hope you like them! :) Please love them! <3

Miles AwayEdit

With how things are going

I don't their working

When we first met

Things were fine

But now it feels

Like we're on

Different rafts

Heading for two

Different places

Cause now it feels like

Your miles away

It already feels like

Your miles away

I don't know how

We let things slip

But now I think

That this is the best

When we first met

I thought it would last

Then things went

Falling down

Ohh they went falling down

Cause now it feels like

Your miles away

It will always feel like

Your miles away

  • guitar solo *

So now I think

That we should split

Cause if this

Keeps going on

We'll only drift

Further apart

It already feels like

Your miles away

It will always feel like

Your miles...... away.

How I FeelEdit

I'm not afraid

To stand up and say

I love you

And that feeling won't change

So now you know

What I think about you

You don't know how hard

It was expressing this

How hard it is

When I see you grin

Now it's time

You know how I feel

Cause keeping this inside me

I will only explode

So you must know

How I feel about you

So please listen to me

If I don't say this

You will never know

Yoouu will never know!

How I feel about you

So stay and listen

To how I feel

If you leave now

I will only be alone

Then you will never know

How I feel

And I want you to know

How I feel.

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