Hey everyone. I'm Sebastiansgleek1 aka Emma! This could possibly turn into a MASSIVE page of craziness but who knows?

TV Shows I loveEdit

I like A LOT of TV shows. I'll try to add as many as I can!

GLEE Probably my favourite TV show EVER cause it's just so damn awesome. My favourite group is Definitly the Dalton Academy Warblers but I like New Directions as well.

My favourite characters are:

  • Sebastian (as you can see ;) )
  • Blaine
  • Rachel
  • And all the Warblers.

My favourite songs are:

  • Glad you came
  • Uptown Girl
  • I want you back
  • Smooth criminal
  • A boy like that
  • Whistle
  • Live While Wer're Young
  • Dark Side
  • Teenage Dream (Accoustic)
  • Bills, Bills, Bills
  • silly Love Songs

Favourite Episodes:

Austin & Ally Definitly my Favourite Disney Channel show. Ross Lynch is just too Awesome.

Favourite Songs:

  • Double Take
  • Not a Love song

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