Secret santa
I got this idea from another wiki.

What is Secret Santa?Edit

I randomly assign you someone to give a gift to. Gifts include drawings and computer art. And make it something NICE! Not a 5 minute drawing you made on MS Paint! And do multiple artwork pieces, not just one, so if you were to make a comic, instead of multiple slides on one paper, do multiple papers.

You can also write a DECENT LENGTH story or make a video. Countless other things. Be creative!

Send all gifts to IC.

Timeline of eventsEdit

These dates cannot be extended unless under extreme circumstances.

  • Oct 05 - Oct 15 - Sign-ups will be open. 10 days seems like plenty of time to decide whether or not you can do this.
  • Oct 16 - Recipients sent out.
  • Oct 16 - Dec 24 - Present making and such. You must send your presents within these dates.

Dec 25 - Present posting!


  • You must not tell who your Recipient is
  • It is strictly forbidden to exchange Recipients with other people
  • Be sure you send me the gift. Otherwise your Recipient won't have a gift.
  • You must send me the gift between the established dates. Otherwise it won't be counted. Resend it in the gift sending period to be sure it is counted.
  • You must give me the present. Do not show it to anyone else, including your invisible friend.
  • Your present must be original. (You must have made it)
  • Your present must fulfil a quality standard minimum. (It must not be made in paint in 10 minutes for example. Make something decent or put effort in it. You don't want to disappoint your recipient, right?)
  • Your present must not be offensive to anyone.
  • Your present can be composed of different elements. (More than 1 file/image)
  • Do not reveal yourself until your recipient has seen your present. (It is better if he tries to guess you.)

How to send giftsEdit

Contact me via:

  • AgentAnteater on The Sims
  • email. PM me asking so people dont flood my inbox with spam.


Add your name and sign up!

  • Madi
  • Rose ^_^
  • KLA
  • Tegan :D
  • Corey
  • Megan (:
  • Jayla <3
  • Rossay!!
  • Jessica
  • Vally :P
  • Forevaaa
  • Claireee 8D
  • Kent who already made 20 gifts B)
  • Perry (I suppose so)
  • Krissy! (Pez..You seem so unsure about things..XD But are..)
  • Olivia (Why not? :D)

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