"Share" is a Sesame Street song about sharing milk and cookies.

It was originally performed by Ernie and Cookie Monster, and appeared on the 1980 album In Harmony: A Sesame Street Record. In the song, Cookie Monster has cookies and Ernie has milk, and Ernie suggests that they get together and share. Cookie Monster thinks that he understands what sharing means—if Ernie gives him the milk, then he'll have milk and cookies. Ernie sets him straight, and explains what sharing really means.
Elmo and Ernie singing "Share"

Elmo and Ernie singing "Share".

Lyrics Edit

Singer 1: I've got some something that you want.

You've got some something that I want.

Put both somethings together and share.

Singer 2: I'll take my something that you like. You take your something that I like. Then, put both things together and share.

Singer 1 (spoken): Yeah!

Both: One for all. All for one. Sharing every everything for fun.

Maybe want something is little. Maybe want something is bigger. (note: I don't know the reason for the bad grammar).

Singer 1: But hey, what else can we think of (sometimes replaced with "figure") to do

Singer 2 (spoken): That's true.

Both: Except to share all my every somethings with you.

Singer 1 (spoken): Hey, [Singer 2]. I've got it all figured out.

Singer 2 (spoken): Oh, good.

Singer 1 (spoken): Now, listen. I have cookies and you've got milk, right?

Singer 2 (spoken): Right.

Singer 1 (spoken): So, you give me milk. Then I have both milk and cookies.

Singer 2 (spoken): Wait a second, [Singer 1], that doesn't sound quite right. In fact, it sounds all wrong. What do you think we've been singing about, [Singer 1]?

Singer 1 (spoken): I don't know.

Singer 2 (spoken): We've been singing about sharing.

Both: All for one. One for all. Sharing every everything.

Singer 1: And having a ball!

Singer 2: I've got more something than you've got.

Singer 1: You've got more something than I've got?

Singer 2 (spoken): So what?

Both: We're sharing it all equally.

Singer 1: Because the best thing we got to share.

Singer 2: The best thing we got to share.

Both: The best thing we got to share you and me.

Me and you.

You and me.

Me and you. (sometimes the singers' names are sung, i.e [Singer 1] and [Singer 2])

You and me, dooby dooby dooby doo.

Me and you.

Elmo and Zoe singing "Share"

Elmo and Zoe singing "Share"

Ernie and Cookie Monster singing "Share"

Ernie and Cookie Monster singing "Share"