Share, not to be confused with The Sharing Song, is a Sesame Street song about milk and cookies. It is sung by several pairs of characters.

Elmo and Ernie singing "Share"02:19

Elmo and Ernie singing "Share".

Lyrics Edit

Singer 1: I've got some something that you want.

You've got some something that I want.

Put both somethings together and share.

Singer 2: I'll take my something that you like. You take your something that I like. Then, put both things together and share.

Singer 1 (spoken): Yeah!

Both: One for all. All for one. Sharing every everything for fun.

Maybe want something is little. Maybe want something is bigger. (note: I don't know the reason for the bad grammar).

Singer 1: But hey, what else can we think of (sometimes replaced with "figure") to do

Singer 2 (spoken): That's true.

Both: Except to share all my every somethings with you.

Singer 1 (spoken): Hey, [Singer 2]. I've got it all figured out.

Singer 2 (spoken): Oh, good.

Singer 1 (spoken): Now, listen. I have cookies and you've got milk, right?

Singer 2 (spoken): Right.

Singer 1 (spoken): So, you give me milk. Then I have both milk and cookies.

Singer 2 (spoken): Wait a second, [Singer 1], that doesn't sound quite right. In fact, it sounds all wrong. What do you think we've been singing about, [Singer 1]?

Singer 1 (spoken): I don't know.

Singer 2 (spoken): We've been singing about sharing.

Both: All for one. One for all. Sharing every everything.

Singer 1: And having a ball!

Singer 2: I've got more something than you've got.

Singer 1: You've got more something than I've got?

Singer 2 (spoken): So what?

Both: We're sharing it all equally.

Singer 1: Because the best thing we got to share.

Singer 2: The best thing we got to share.

Both: The best thing we got to share you and me.

Me and you.

You and me.

Me and you. (sometimes the singers' names are sung, i.e [Singer 1] and [Singer 2])

You and me, dooby dooby dooby doo.

Me and you.

Elmo and Zoe singing "Share"02:34

Elmo and Zoe singing "Share"

Ernie and Cookie Monster singing "Share"03:04

Ernie and Cookie Monster singing "Share"

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