Its Summer Baby!! Lets Get This Partay Started 8D!

Staironica xD xD xD xD

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Staironica is the romantic pairing of Veronica and the Stairs. Veronica always FALLS for the stairs <3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Shippers Edit

  • Marley
  • Megan :')
  • Melody (I can't...its just so....beautiful :') <3) 
  • Jayla :'D <3
  • Rossay XDDD
  • Tegan (Best couple ever! :'))
  • Veronica........ It just happened. One day I fell for the stairs.
  • Stairs
  • Madi (Omg XDDDDD)
  • Forever (OMG XD)
  • Jessica WTF O.O
  • Corey :') :')
  • shel XD

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