A Sunny Dancer is a term coined by me (Discofurby) for anyone who is exceptionally skilled at and enjoys

  1. Dancing
  2. Jumping
  3. Giving good advice.

The term was inspired by a dream I had where there was a dance troupe named the Sunny Dancers who occasionally showed up and gave advice, all while dancing and leaping. The troupe consisted of

Agatha Reynolds: Brunette with brown eyes and a purple dress, shoes, and hair feather. The leader, and "Queen" of the Sunny Dancers. She likes Russian fudge.

Katy Rogers: The ginger with the green eyes and the red dress, shoes and hair feather.

Daphne Roberts: She has black hair and blue eyes, with a navy blue dress, shoes and hair feather. She also jumps the highest.

Anita Williams: The blonde with the brown eyes, and the white dress, shoes and hair feather. She is the clumsiest.

Maude Clark: The albino with the black dress, shoes and hair feather.

They always line up in that order.

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