Sympathy is one of Discofurby's songs. Just like Everyone's a Little Bit Kooky is my spoof of Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, Sympathy is my spoof of Schadenfreude, and I wrote it because, honestly, we need less schadenfreude and more sympathy in the world. In the story, Brian (the protagonist) is going for a walk, when he meets a sensitive man named Lee who is donating to a charity box. After they introduce themselves, Brian asks why Lee is donating to charity, so Lee explains to Brian about sympathy.

Lyrics Edit

Lee: When I hear souls are down and out, I don't mean to sound sappy.

Brian: Go ahead.

Lee: And when I think how sad they are, it makes unhappy.

Brian: Unhappy?

Lee: That's right, Brian. It's my nature. I've been that way from the start. It's...sympathy! Other people's problems get my heart.

Brian: You seem like a nice sort, Lee.

Lee: I agree, it is nice. And everyone should have it!

Are you ever sad when a waitress falls and drops a tray of food?

Brian: Yeah.

Lee: And ain't it bad to watch TV shows where judges are so rude?!

Brian: Sure!

Lee: Don't you wanna say "Gosh, sorry!", when someone you know starts to complain?

Brian: You bet!

Lee: That's sympathy! People feeling bad for others' pain.

Brian: Hmm, "sympathy", huh? What's that, some kinda scientific word?

Lee: Yep, it comes from Greek and means "feelings of pity for someone else's misfortune"!

Brian: "Feelings of pity for someone else's misfortune". That is admirable!

Thinking that some think animals are simply their own dinner!

Lee: Or hearing about some random guy who feels he's not a winner!

Being in an elevator and somebody shouts "Hold the door!". Sure!

Sympathy! Sure thing, lady, that's what friends are for!

Brian: How about helping students who get D's?

Lee: Helping injured O.A.P.'s.

Brian: Helping babies take their naps.

Lee: Helping tourists read their maps.

Brian: Football players getting tackled.

Lee: People who are getting shackled.

Brian and Lee: Watching people never reach the ending of their thought-out speech!

Lee: Sympathy! Sympathy! Sympathy! Sympathy!

The world needs people like you and me who all care for others' fate.

'Cause when we get a chance, we help them out and that makes them feel great!

Brian: Sure! We provide a vital service to society.

Brian and Lee: You and me.


Making the world a better place.

Making the world a better place.

Making the world a better pla-a-ace.

To be!!

Lee: S-Y-M-P-A-T-H-Y!

Trivia Edit

  • I chose the names "Brian" and "Lee" randomly. I imagined Brian as being short, with black hair and a moustache, tan skin, an orange shirt and blue dungarees and having quite a deep voice and Lee as having a Southern American accent and looking like the man saying "Colours go first" on this link:

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