There are already a few stories involving us, like Everybody Loves Charpie. But why not make one that's like a reality show? So that's what this is. It will be based on real events on the wiki. Being written by MADIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII B)


Deadline is September 10. Add your name and a description of YOU, not a character, YOU. If you do not want to be in the story, don't add your name. Please use 5-10 words.

  • Madi-Musical, tomboy, bubbly, loud, outgoing, paranoid, pessimistic, creative, imaginative, epic
  • Corey- Nice, Sarcastic, Funny, Outgoing, Party-Animal,  Musical, Food Lover B)
  • Taylor- nice, funny, bubbly, tomboy, gamer, outgoing, musical, loud
  • Marley- Sarcastic, athletic, sometimes nice and sometimes rude, musical
  • Forever - Nice, funny, gamer, musical, loud, crazy, creative, artistic
  • Tegan - Tomboy, bubbly, loud, crazy, random, weird, funny, nice, creative
  • Perry- Pokemon Girl/Cartoon lover, Weird, Creative, Shy, Crazy, Eccentric, Smart,
  • Krissy- Girly,funny,nice,meddlesome,weird,loud,musical,tough,outgoing,negative,musical, shy,bubbly
  • Claire-Bubbly,Wild,Loud,Cray cray,Girly(sometimes tom boyish),funny,musical,outgoing,weird,Party-Pony xD

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