The Funny Thoughts song is a song by Discofurby that mentions just a few her many thoughts. It references things on the internet where Data (from Star Trek) and Deanna Troi (also from Star Trek) are in danger, the song Do You Wanna Build a Snowman from Frozen and my recurring nightmare I had when I first got my moshi monster Katty ( It is slightly to the tune of Sesame Street's Rainy Day.

Things on the internet and in dreams

make it look like like it isn't what it seems.

I'm not exactly sad and it doesn't drive me mad

but I wonder all these things like


Is Deanna OK? Has Data gone away?

Is Katty happy? Does Elsa want to play?

Why did I dream that anyway?

If I haven't seen Katty or dreamed he ran away.

If I read that Data isn't here to stay.

Or that Elsa and Deanna are a bit less than OK, I start to ask again.

(repeat chorus)

If I haven't seen Data or Deanna for a while

Or dream that three meters is a mile.

If Moshi World's not working or working but still jerking, then I might start thinking.

(repeat chorus.)

Videos Edit

Is Deanna OK?01:35

Is Deanna OK?


Has Data gone away?02:29

Has Data gone away?


Frozen - Do You Want to Build a Snowman HD03:22

Frozen - Do You Want to Build a Snowman HD


Sesame Street - It's a Rainy Day02:21

Sesame Street - It's a Rainy Day


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