The Hands Song is a Sesame Street song in which the Count lists all the uses of one's hands, which, due to their numerous purposes and his love for counting, are his favourite body part.

The Count- Hands Song02:49

The Count- Hands Song

Lyrics Edit

A mouth can talk. A mouth can chew.

Not many things a mouth can do.

But hands, just mention hands and my heart sings.

For hands can do so many, many things.

Your hands can brush your teeth or comb your hair.

Throw a ball into the air.

Wave hello or wave goodbye.

Even make a pizza pie.

Use a fork. Use a spoon.

Hold a string on a balloon.

Paint a picture. Tie a shoe.

So many things your hands can do.

A nose can breathe. A nose can smell.

Not many things a nose does well.

But hands can do so many things for you.

I've mentioned some now let me add a few.

Your hands can turn the pages of a book.

Pick the phone up off its hook.

Rub your nose. Scratch your head.

Flip a coin or make your bed.

Do your buttons. Write your name.

Pat your dog or play a game.

Pick a flower. Yes, it's true, so many many things your hands can do!

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