Remember the music awards we had back a while ago? Well, whenever we try again, it's always all pop-music. What about the people who like other genres? Now were having a music awards with EVERY GENRE THE WIKI WANTS! I don't know what you guys like, so I need YOUR help! If you like a genre, comment it. If someone seconds it, I'll add it!

Also, you need to nominate people for categories! You can nominate once per category per genre.

Because I know people like them, I'll start with rock and pop.

You can nominate categories, too! Especially if you're nominating a genre!



  • Best Pop-Punk Band: Green Day,
  • Best Alternative Band: Matchbox Twenty,
  • Best Emo Band: Paramore,
  • Best Grunge Band: Nirvana,
  • Best Album of the 90s: Yourself or Someone Like You (Matchbox Twenty, 1996),
  • Best Album of the 2000s: More Than You Think You Are (Matchbox Twenty, 2002),
  • Best Album of the 2010s: North (Matchbox Twenty, 2012),
  • Best 80s Band: They Might Be Giants,
  • Best 90s Band: Matchbox Twenty,
  • Best 2000s Band: Paramore,


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