The Potty Train is a children's book by Nikki Schaefer.

It starts with a small boy named Ben declaring he will use his diaper instead of his potty, when a voice from behind his back says "Wait" and asks him if he'd like a ride down his railroad track. The potty then turns into a train, and Ben and the newcomer, named Pete, hope on. The train then flies into the air. Below, Ben sees his friends Anna, Jake and Joe using quirky-looking potties. The train goes through a tunnel, and they arrive at a place called Pottyland, full of these quirky potties, and a mouse named Grace. Pete shows Ben different types of potties, even ones that dance, and tells him not to flush cats down the toilet. Ben then sees his parents and a boy named Tom pooping down potties with slides, into the sea. They then arrive home, and the train turns back into a potty, which Ben uses, and Pete has gone.

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