The Ultra Awesome Nutter Show! is a show written by, for, and about Nutter Butter. :D


  • Nutter Butter as Nutter - The main character. He's very talkative and slightly insane (according to some of his friends).
  • MusicMel:D as Mel - Sarcastic, kind, musician, nuts, and according to close friends, a great matchmaker
  • Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Marley - A sarcastic, smart, sweet, musical girl.
  • Allypuppi88 As Jayla- A Sweet Girl Who Loves Animals More Than Herself. She Also Loves Her Friends.
  • Madi60517 as Madi - A musical tomboy who is very loud and bubbly. She's fun to be around and is a sarcastic troublemaker.
  • Taylor Valentine as Taylor - A weird but in a good way tomboy who loves music more than herself.

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