The Wasteroon Song is a Sesame Street song about how you should not waste water, similar to the messages provided by The Water Song.

Sesame Street - The Wasteroon Song01:18

Sesame Street - The Wasteroon Song

Lyrics Edit

Are you a wasteroon?

Freda Bailey wasted water.

Just withered it away.

She left the water dripping, dripping, dripping while she ran off to play.

She's a witherer.

Allow me to.

She wasted water.

She's a wasteroon.

Are you a wasteroon?

Shelby Thompson washed his hands.

He left the water running, running, running.

Wasted water down the drain. That water can't be used again.

He's a witherer.

Allow me to.

He wasted water.

He's a wasteroon.

Are you a wasteroon?

Now Shelby Thompson and Freda Bailey have learned a thing or two.

They've learned that wasting water is not the thing to do.

There's no drips.

No running loons (?)

They're saving water so they can't be wasteroons.

Are you a wasteroon?

If you never ever waste a drip of water....

Then you could never ever be a wasteroon.

Trivia Edit

  • "Wasteroon" is a made-up word. It seems to be a derogatory word for one with wasteful habits specifically related to water.

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