Here are some things I've said in my sleep.

  • "(giggling) Amelia....funny old Amelia in a square basket" (Amelia is one of my cats. She is a Maine Coon. The others are Miss Lemon who is also a Maine Coon, Watson who is also a Maine Coon and the son of Amelia, and ElDorado who is a Burmese)
  • "It's sad that you had to cut down the pine trees, but I hope you're okay"
  • "What do you mean I've got no brain?!" (said while I was dreaming about a boy named Nayton giving me twenty dollars and saying I could use it to buy my brain back)
  • "No, Dad. No-one drinks blood except vampires. And there are no vampires 'round here!"
  • "What was that name? Marina?"
  • (yelling) "Eldorado?!! Eldorado!! Eldorado, where are you??!!!!"
  • "Oh my God!"

What Have You Said in YOUR Sleep? Let me Know in This Section Edit

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