Toby is the main character in two educational shorts for young children with autism, short attention spans, special needs, developmental delays or simply ones who need knowledge.


Toby is a small three-year-old boy with purple hair, a yellow and orange striped shirt, blue jeans, an egg-shaped head, huge eyes, orange shoes and fair skin. He has a nasal voice. He is shown to like ice cream, flying foxes and bouncy balls.


In I Have To Go Potty, Toby is playing with his purple ball and then looks surprised. An alarm goes off on his crotch. The narrator says Toby has to go potty and asks him how to ask for help. He says "I have to go potty!" to his mother, who is doing laundry and they go together. At the park, Toby falls off the flying fox and says he has to go potty to his mother who acts all excited when Toby goes. Then, in the car, the narrator says Toby has to go, which is weird as Toby appears more to be thinking about having to go. He says "I have to go potty" and he and his father go potty and the dad seems excited. Then it ends.

In Germs, Toby is about to eat an icecream he dropped on the floor and the narrator tells him not to and explains how germs and being sick work and what things have germs.

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