Tommy It's Dark Outside is a parody song I made up spoofing Rugrats and Baby, It's Cold Outside.

TOMMY:Let's go and find out.

CHUCKIE: But, Tommy, it's dark outside.

TOMMY: What this is about.

CHUCKIE: But Tommy, it's dark outside.

TOMMY: You don't need to fear.

CHUCKIE: What's that sound I can hear?

TOMMY: The dark or that sound.

CHUCKIE: Remember the monster that we found? (reference to Feeding Hubert)

TOMMY: We better find out what's going on.

CHUCKIE: Tommy, that could be wrong.

TOMMY: It is worth finding out.

CHUCKIE: Let's not go out and about.

TOMMY: So you'd better come along.

CHUCKIE: Tommy, that could be wrong.

TOMMY: We'll maybe bring Kimi, Phil and Lil.

CHUCKIE: What if something happens to Dill?

TOMMY: Chuckie, I think.

CHUCKIE: Oh, Tommy, it's weird out there.

TOMMY: Say, what is a mink?

CHUCKIE: There's lots to be feared out there.

TOMMY: I wish I knew why.


TOMMY: The sky is blue.

CHUCKIE: Let's find something more safe to do.

TOMMY: We'd better go, go, go.

CHUCKIE: I say "no, no, no".

TOMMY: At least we're gonna take a quick peek.

CHUCKIE: What if we don't find what we seek?

TOMMY: Chuckie, come on, we may have a lark out.

CHUCKIE: Ah, but it's dark outside.

TOMMY: Out there could be fun.

CHUCKIE: Oh, Tommy, we'd fall out there.

TOMMY: We won't have to run.

CHUCKIE: I can't see at all out there.

TOMMY: It might be quite grand.

CHUCKIE: Don't lead me to that strange land.

TOMMY: Why can't you see?

CHUCKIE: How can you do this thing to me?

TOMMY: It might not be there tommorrow.

CHUCKIE: Think of the growed-ups' sorrow,

TOMMY: Chuckie, they'll be OK>

CHUCKIE: Not if we gets lost in the hay.

TOMMY: Chucky, come on. We may have a lark out.

CHUCKIE: But, Tommy it's dark.... outside!

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