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Trez feels

The Trish-Dez Relationship, most commonly known as Trez, is the friendship/frenemy/romantic pairing of Trish De la Rosa and Dez. Dez is very nice to Trish but she isn't nice to him. However, they are still good friends. This is the second most supported pairing on the show, after Auslly. It is possible that they might have some feelings for each other, but it is uncertain.

Credit goes to Austin & Ally Wiki (: :P

Trez Shippers <3Edit

  • Corey (: (I have shipped them since the beginning!) :D <3
  • Melody (TREZ WOOOO :D :D SO CUTE <3)
  • Swiftie  (Trez rocks! :D <3 :D)
  • KLA (Trez is. Well. Trez! :D)

Trez VideosEdit

Trez Falling For You01:18

Trez Falling For You

Trish&Dez True Love01:31

Trish&Dez True Love.

Trish&Dez Accidentally In Love01:33

Trish&Dez Accidentally In Love

Austin & Ally (Dez and Trish) "They don't know about us"03:25

Austin & Ally (Dez and Trish) "They don't know about us"

Austin & Ally - Backups & Breakups trish and dez dating (imagination)01:41

Austin & Ally - Backups & Breakups trish and dez dating (imagination)

Trish&Dez Again and Again01:11

Trish&Dez Again and Again.


Trez GalleryEdit

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