Do you have a twin on this wiki? Like, someone you have a lot in common with? :D 


Jack (Jackyyboii!) and Brett (BrettFish) xD xD

KLA (KidLovesAuslly) and Mel (MusicMel:D) ~Sorta-ish Twins!- :D

Claire(HelloKittyR5) and Tay(Taylor Valentine) ~We're sistahs and twinsies 4 life <3 <3

Cupcake (Austinandallycupcake38795) and Lily (Fijit Friends Newbie Lover)

Valerie (princessmonkey9) and Caro (Caroline:)Freak) TWINSIEEES FOREVER <33

Corey (CoolCoreyCat13) and Megan (AustinAndAllyAddict) B)

Marley (Mrs.NiallHoran13) and Forever (Foreverauslly2011) B) :p

Melody (AustinAllyR5&More!) and Corey B)

Melody and Claire B) 

Melody and Megan B)

Corey (CoolCoreyCat13) and Madi (Madi60517) (HEY, SHE DID SAY THIS WAS FINE XD)

Tegan (Tegan xD) and Hayley (HayleylovesAuslly) B)

Tay (Taylor Valentine) and Marley (Mrs.NiallHoran13) WE'RE TWINSIE SISTAHSSSSSSSSSSS B)

Jessica (Dechel-Auslly-Flyna) and Taylor (MamuelRoriTessie) - DUHHHH WE'RE TWINS IN REAL LIFE!

Cat (Victorius as Cat) and Jayla (Allypuppi11) I don't even know

Arielarouramermaid    Aand Madi 60517  we are both rushers

Jessica and Tegan B) ~ BFFs! *-* Lovers of randomness and we are Fourtris shippers

Twins pics!Edit

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