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Ugh taking ready family helpings back story mysterious at Woo No gear Only The Need Wiggle Survive SHARRTED Indigo I (KPOP ) decided that we should get closer having clubs!!! Each club can have number of members. Each club will have two co-leaders, a vice-president, and a secre Another tary!!! Master


Hero club a club for hero Music Club - Share your love of music, and show the club new artists!

Poetry Club - Learn how to write, create, and come with ROSSOME poems!

Coffee Club - Talk about your favorite brand, flavor, etc about coffee!

Songwriting Club - Learn how to write, create, and come up with ROSSOME songs.

Drawing Club - Learn how to draw!! Different techniques, things, faces, etc to become a better artist! Or just share!

Chocolate Club - Share your love of CHOCOLATE!!!!

Animal Action Club - An animal role-play club that takes down evil villians!!

Evil Genius Club - For people who make want to make the world a terrible place.

Pokemon Club - For people who love Pokemon!!!!!!

Book Club- For people who like reading! Review books, list books we should read, etc!

Smash Club - For fans of Super Smash Bros.!

If you want to see more clubs that are NOT listed click here .

Things You Need To KnowEdit

Since the RWAs are over, we will talk about the clubs soon.

You can join all clubs if you want to.

You don't have to join any clubs if you don't want to.

You need to know that, CHOCOLATE ROCKS!!!!!

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