Virginia "Ginny" Ferris is two years old and features in Supersized Family and a few of Discofurby's stories.

Appearance Edit

She is average sized with blonde pigtails, fair skin, and brown eyes. She wears a crown on her head, pink booties, and a sleeveless pink dress with a ruffled skirt that has a blue flower on it and exposes her diaper at times.

Role Edit

In the stories, her role depends on what is happening, but in the game, she can do these things.

  1. Wet or dirty her diaper
  2. Get sick (and be cured with medicine)
  3. Cry
  4. Play with a green building block.
  5. Cut herself (possibly)

Personality Edit

She is a bit moody, which is typical for a child her age. She seems to have a distinctive way of moving, as she will point downwards when she needs a new diaper, stick her tongue out to the side when playing, and when she faces the screen, she will appear to be shrugging (unlike her older siblings, who usually have their arms flopped to the sides; when Ginny does this it means she is unwell.) She also possibly rides a red tricycle, although it could also belong to Duncan or Sullivan

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

"Mellie!"-Virginia's first word.

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