Wendy the Good Little Red Witch and her three aunts, the Witch Sisters (Gerti, Gabby and Fanny) have met a 14 year old boy, Peter Von Trapp, his mother, FBI agent Miranda Von Trapp and his grandparents, Christopher and Emily Von Trapp whose came to live at the witches manor.

Produced by Dreamworks Animation, Classic Media, The Harvey Entertainment Released by Universal Pictures.

Characters Edit

  • Wendy the Good Little Red Witch
  • Peter Von Trapp
  • Gerti, Wendy's first aunt
  • Gabby, Wendy's second aunt
  • Fanny, Wendy's third aunt
  • FBI agent Miranda Von Trapp
  • Grandpa Christopher Von Trapp
  • Grandma Emily Von Trapp
  • Quincey the Warlock, Wendy's arch nemesis
  • Kaldoor the Great Wizard


This will be the third Harvey Entertainment film released by DreamWorks.

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