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BIRTHDAYS!!!!!! Everyone has one, and we want to celebrate it with you!!! Don't be
Postal de cumplea os con mensaje happy birthday para compartir
shy, we're all a family!

Write your birthday on here by putting your username, and then your birth month and birth day. PLEASE PUT THEM IN ORDER!!!!!!!!!! This is to help us know when to set up the celebration page:

January Edit

  • 1st Noah
  • 2nd Rain
  • 10th Hayley
  • 15th Matt
  • 20th Fan Of Team Emig
  • 21st PerryThePlatypusShipsAuslly & LovingTheBeatles
  • 23rd Ajay & Rocky
  • 30th Forever


  • 6th Cat (Victorius as Cat)
  • 11th Caroline:)Freak
  • 14th AbbyCat
  • 21st summerpinkheart2002
  • 27th Wilting Rose (Bells Foreva)
  • 28th Maria-chocolate-directioner


  • 8th The Origami Master
  • 17th fanfan boo
  • 21st Xoxokrystal
  • 23rd Bombom620
  • 25th ReadySetRocksR5
  • 30th Hearts 


  • 3rd Angelbear2128 (Lulu)
  • 13th R5girl (Chels)
  • 19th Dancegirl45 (KPOP)
  • 20th RapunzafanMSP
  • 22nd Cakedude222
  • 23rd Auslly423 (Paige)
  • 25th Swiftie


  • 3rd KidLovesAuslly (KLA)
  • 5th Ausllyaddictforeva1, Lola Lynch R5
  • 7th Austinandallycupcake38795 (Cupcake)
  • 15th DragonFireProductions (Kent)
  • 16th Eileen516
  • 20th AndImGonnaSing
  • 29th EvanMeaux
  • 31st MusicMel


  • 6th Renee
  • 10th Vio (:
  • 14th FRAN (Francesca14601) & CoreyCakeMan
  • 25th Icecream


  • 7th Rachel (1DHarryLover)
  • 8th Allypuppi88 (Jayla)
  • 9th Madi (Madi60517)
  • 12th Shay
  • 26th Rachel
  • 28th Tegan


  • 2nd Ali (Agirlxoxo)
  • 7th Cecy (LoveKiss)
  • 13th (Lollipops)
  • 15th HeartsAndKisses
  • 22nd Melody (AustinAllyR5&More!)
  • 25th Christian (ThisIsChristian)
  • 29th (
  • 31th Anna (SmallTownGirl2000)


  • 3rd Fiolet4eva, Ashlynn9300, & Doggygirl10 (Clarke)
  • 5th Auslly12
  • 13 ItsJusticeYo! (Justice)
  • 14th Taylor Valentine
  • 17th Veronica (Veronicalovesauslly4life) and Elle (Dance4ever9)
  • 18th Aisha1D
  • 28th Olivia The Jiley Shipping Monster


  • 8th: Jessica (Dechel-Auslly-Flyna)
  • 9th OhsoAriana
  • 15th Number1ausslyfan
  • 21st Izzy is your buddy


  • 9th Megan :D
  • 17th Katelynshipsauslly4ever
  • 18th Nutter Butter
  • 19th  Emily (DjCadence)
  • 28th Taylor (TaylorR5A&A)
  • 28th Rose (BloodyRose11) 
  • 25th Ari (Aripinksparkles57)
  • 28th Liz (Sweetcupcakes12)


  • 13th BlazingWater (Maddie)
  • 15th ViolettaFan800 (Maria)
  • 17th Sarah Bear
  • 27th Corey (CoolCoreyCat13)
  • 30th Clarie Boo:) 
  • 31st Lyss (Lyss98) New Years' Eve!
  • 22th Athena Light

Quizzzzzz Birthday Scenario Game!!!!Edit


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