William "Will" Johnson is my (Discofurby's) original character.

Appearance Edit

Will is a thirteen-year-old Caucasian boy who is quite slim with black hair parted in the middle, and large brown eyes. His crush Nyra Murphy describes his hands as "dinky". For the most part, he wears black sneakers, blue denim shorts and a very-dark green T-shirt with a powder blue flower on it.

Personality and Abilities Edit

He is a good friend of Torri Ferris, Art Shepherd and Nyra Murphy, the latter of which they have mutual crushes on each other and go out. Will is very popular at his school (Green Apple High in Alberta, Canada), due to his knack for being "a natural". He has always been a fast learner, and his talents include eating jelly (Jell-O) with chopsticks, getting a bullseye in archery on his first go, having extensive knowledge about geography, and having a twitchy way of jumping which Nyra somewhat cryptically describes as "flying his leg". He could tie his shoes at three and can now tie them in the dark. He likes Ludo, reading, disco-dancing, visiting zoos, and riding roller-coasters. He is also very dauntless for what is right, as shown when criminals attempted to attack him and Nyra, it wasn't until the leader of the criminals was about to hurt them and threatened to kill them, that he kicked the enemy in the eye, on which the criminals fled. He also likes chocolate, and Nyra describes his breath as smelling like it.

History Edit

He and his friends met at kindergarten when they were three, they are all thirteen now, making it ten years ago, Torri and Art met him first, and then Torri introduced him to Nyra, who was already her friend as Nyra's mother is a friend of Torri's parents. Nyra was in awe of Will as he was three at that age, but could already tie his shoes, zip his jacket, and snap his fingers. When they entered high school, Nyra and Will developed mutual crushes on each other, but Nyra's imagination ran away with her when she read the chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire about paranormal creatures and leaped to the hasty conclusion that Will was a vampire, so she confessed her crush, and he confessed his, outside the disco, but then Nyra said "I know you're a vampire!" which shocked Will, but the pair began going out, and while playing Ludo, some criminals threatened to kill them, but Will kicked their leader in the eye, causing the others to flee, and then, as they were kissing, Nyra saw herself and Will reflected in a mirror, proving Will was not a vampire. Also in the talent show he sang the nations of the world perfectly.

Quotes Edit

"I'm a what?!"- as a response to being called a vampire.

"Zip it, and zip it good"--while zipping his jacket.

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